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Restorative Dentistry Reno

The Confidence of a Strong Smile

We wish all smiles were invincible, but, they aren’t.

  • Forget to brush and floss a little too often and gum disease and decay can take hold.
  • Chomp down on a piece of ice and there goes a chunk of a molar.
  • Clench and grind at night and your entire bite can get unbalanced from wear.
  • Drink too much soda and acid erosion and cavities are suddenly an issue.
  • Even certain medications or hormone shifts can have damaging effects on your teeth!

No matter why you are experiencing dental issues, no matter how long it has been since you’ve seen the dentist, no matter how embarrassed you are about the condition of your teeth, Summit Smiles is here to help you discover your best and healthiest smile without judgment.

Why Choose Restorative Dentistry from Summit Smiles

We love helping people get their teeth strong and healthy so they can live without pain and discomfort, enjoy a healthy diet, speak confidently, and smile as much as possible. In fact, though we specialize in cosmetic dentistry, we think restorative dentistry is just as thrilling and rewarding. And because we are cosmetic dentists, you can be sure that any restorative work will be approached with an eye on appearance as well. The team at Summit Dental wants you to look as good as you feel!

From white fillings to safely and subtly repair cavities or replace old metal fillings to dental implants to replace missing teeth as close to the way nature intended as possible, all of our restorative dentistry care is personalized for you. We never develop a treatment plan without your input and we never force any care you don’t want on you. Instead, we work with you to discover just what your particular smile needs to get healthy and stay that way, then lay out a plan for accomplishing it – at your pace and within your budget.

Discovering you have a cavity or decay is never fun, especially when you expect to have your tooth repaired with one of those uncomfortable and unattractive metal fillings. While dark metal fillings, sometimes called “silver” fillings because of the small amount of silver they contained, used to be the standard of care, it simply shouldn’t be anymore. Those “silver” fillings contain mercury in an amalgam of metals, and we aren’t so sure that mercury is good to have in your teeth. In addition, metal fillings tend to shift with temperature changes which can lead to sensitivity and cracked or otherwise compromised teeth. Here at Summit Smiles, we think white fillings are a far superior solution. White fillings not only contain no mercury or other heavy metals and won’t react to temperature changes, they also blend beautifully with your own tooth so no one needs to know you ever had a cavity!

If your tooth has a cavity or some damage that requires a little more than a white filling but isn’t quite severe enough to require a dental crown, porcelain inlays and onlays are the perfect solutions. These restorations are even stronger and more natural-looking than the composite bonding material we use for white fillings, so we may recommend these tooth-restoration options for people who need a little more strength and support, as well as for those who have experienced more damage than a filling can take care of. Inlays do exactly what they sound like they do – they are bonded inside the points (cusps) of your teeth in a way that is very similar to a filling. Onlays, on the other hand, are a bit more like a crown without covering the entire tooth. Porcelain dental onlays only cover the area of your tooth that needs to be restored, usually one or more cusps. These restorations are created at our premium labs for the ultimate in strength and beauty.

You know immediately when it happens. You were happily munching some popcorn… chewing the shards of ice in your glass…trying to get that stubborn cap off a bottle with your teeth – and there it goes. Your old crown has popped off or your tooth has broken. Call us right away! Dental crowns from Summit Smiles are so strong, so durable, and so beautiful, you may even forget which tooth has been restored!

But our gorgeous porcelain dental crowns aren’t just great for repairing damaged, worn, or broken teeth. They are also what we use to cap a tooth after a root canal. What’s more, crowns act as the anchors for our dental bridges to replace one or more teeth. We simply bond crowns to the healthy teeth on either side of your gap, where they act as anchors and supports for the prosthetic teeth attached to them. No need to remove your prosthetic – just brush, eat, and smile the way you always did!

Missing teeth can really put a damper on life. Whether teeth are lost to gum disease and infection, an accident, or hereditary issues, a smile without teeth can create problems with everything from eating and speaking to bite issues and headaches. And it certainly doesn’t help with your confidence factor. While we always suggest that teeth be replaced with dental implants, if you are not a good candidate for tooth implants because of bone loss or other health issues, our custom-made partial and full dentures can save the day. As cosmetic dentists, we never create unnatural-looking, cookie-cutter dentures for our Reno Smile family. instead, our full and partial dentures are custom-fitted and designed to look as if you were born with them. They are also superior in their fit and comfort to denture-mill dentures and, depending on your situation and bone loss progression, they will stay comfortable and fit better longer as well. Don’t keep living without your smile – call Summit Dental in Reno today!

Dental implants are our most recommended and most natural-feeling and functioning method for replacing missing teeth. Implants allow for the most customized tooth replacements ever and can replace anything from one to all of your teeth safely and securely. The biggest difference between bridges and dentures and dental implants is the fact that only dental implants replace both the tooth AND your tooth roots so you can retain your bone mass while eating, living, and laughing just the way you used to before you lost a single tooth. For more information, please read our Implant Dentistry page.

When you mention a root canal, most people cringe and grimace. What these people don’t realize is that rather than cause pain and discomfort, root canals stop the pain, not cause it. Even better, root canals are a terrific way to save teeth that are so infected that, in the past, they would have had to be pulled. We understand that the name sounds a bit intimidating, but really, the words root canal are just explanatory: during a root canal (sometimes referred to as endodontics), the dentists at Summit Dental clean infection and decay out of your tooth – all the way down to the root canals! Once all the infected material is cleared out of your tooth, we fill the tooth with a special sealant and cap it off with a strong and beautiful porcelain crown. This procedure works so well because once your tooth stops growing, it no longer requires its pulp ( the mass of nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth) to stay alive. Removing infected pulp keeps the infection from progressing into your jawbone and sinus cavities, keeps your tooth intact, and stops your toothache for good!

When you rely on a dental office like Summit Dental Reno for all of your smile-care needs, even something as anxiety-inducing as oral surgery can be a pleasant experience. Before we ever make the decision to extract a tooth or perform any other surgery, we will create a plan with you so you know exactly what to expect before, during, and after. On the day of your surgery, we can help you relax with a prescription for a mild relaxant or some nitrous oxide (more commonly known as laughing gas), tuck you in to one of our comfortable chairs with a neck pillow and blanket, and let you choose whatever soothing music you would like to listen to on wireless headphones. Before you know it, your surgery will be completed, your mouth will feel better, and you will be well on your way to ideal health. If you have any worries or concerns about your dental surgery, please give us a call or talk to us at your next appointment. We are always here to help!