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Dental Hygiene Treatment Reno

Mmmmm! That fresh, clean feeling of a just-completed hygiene visit. You just can’t stop smiling at yourself in the rear-view mirror or running your tongue over your just-polished teeth, can you? And when you get your regular dental cleanings done at Summit Dental, the enjoyment doesn’t just start after your cleaning – most of our patients enjoy the cleanings themselves, relaxing with a paraffin hand dip, a cup of coffee, and a neck pillow. Yep, kind of like a visit to the spa! But cleanings aren’t just a feel-good experience. They are vital to keeping your mouth and body healthy too. You see, regular cleanings remove bacteria-laden plaque and tartar buildup (the stuff that won’t budge no matter how well you brush your teeth at home) from your teeth and your gum line, protecting you from gum disease, an infection that gets in your bloodstream. And that’s important because gum disease can lead to systemic inflammation, cardiovascular issues, and even certain cancers. Don’t risk it: schedule your relaxing and rejuvenating dental hygiene visit today!